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Inspired and influenced as a young man by his Grandma Myrtle, Steven ‘Max’ Maxwell, owner of Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery, set out to pay homage to his late Grandmother with the creation of Myrtle Rose, Chops...Comfort...Cocktails. Grandma Myrtle was from West Virginia and took pride in creating heartfelt comfort style dishes for her family and friends. Her recipes for chicken and biscuits, meatloaf, chicken pot pie and deliciously seared chops and steaks cooked in her cast iron skillet never left Max's memory of childhood dinners at Grandma's.

Wanting to pay homage to Grandma Myrtle and knowing he could fill a niche in Kimball Junction and Park City with these memorable recipes, Max created Myrtle Rose. The result is a well-appointed space with a beautiful bar floated in the center, comfortable booths and couches, all accented with rich colors and an upbeat musical vibe. Outside diners enjoy a beautiful mountain view, soft seating and fire accents. Just as Grandma Myrtle did all items are made from scratch, and cast iron skillets are utilized to sear delicious chops and steaks. Childhood recipe memories from a Grandma familiar to so many of us are now being shared for all of us to enjoy for generations to come.